Internet as a Second Language: Comparing Digital Literacy to Language Learning.

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Summary: I will be researching technological literacy and see if I can draw a connection between that kind of literacy and second-language learning. I also want to include teaching strategies that might span from the ESOL world to the digital world to improve instructional practices.


When speech becomes text, what happens to writing?

Change can be scary, but we wouldn’t be here today without a little progression!



I successfully put down the baby for her late morning nap half an a hour ago. After running quietly around in sock feet trying to do things while she was out cold, I sat down to answer email and messages. As I entered this post into WordPress, she awoke again.)

It’s not easy to respond quickly and at volume using one hand or thumb, though I’ve gotten much better at both over the past five months with a baby daughter.

Over that time, I’ve been struck by how good the voice recognition in iOS on my iPhone has become. I’ve been able to successfully dictate a rough draft of a long article into the email interface and respond to any number of inbound inquiries that way.

That said, neither the soft keyboard nor voice-to-text on the device are a substitute yet for the 15″ keyboard in my MacBook Pro when I…

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Digital Me 2.0

My existence in the digital world is as real as my physical existence. I aim to explore a range of web 2.0 tools to discover what they offer to my digital me-ness, what others find important about their digital identity, and how society is changing as a result of the technological revolution.



Comment with any suggestions of websites that you use and peruse regularly.